Strategies to Optimize PPE

Jun 22 , 2020

Strategies to Optimize PPE


  • Surgical masks should be changed:
      • If it is dirty
      • Has fluid splashes
      • If it is difficult to breathe
      • At least once a day
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  • N-95 masks can be reused:
      • Write your name on the mask and save it in a brown paper bag when not in use.
      • Use a new paper bag after each use.
      • An N-95 mask can be used for a few days if it is not dirty, and it is not damaged.
  • Face-shields are reusable for several days or weeks until it is damaged.
      • Clean and disinfect it with bleach inside and outside of the face shield.
      • Allow to air dry thoroughly. Remove your gloves and wash your hands.
      • Write your name on the Face shield and place it in a safe place in the designated work area after cleaning for the next shift.
  • Isolation gowns:
      • Isolation gowns can be reused during the entire work shift:
        • When interacting with cohorted patients, known to be infected by the same disease.
        • Unless it is visibly soiled, have fluid splashes, or if the patient has another infectious disease (e.g., C. difficile).
  • Gloves:
      • Change gloves each encounter.
  • Headcovers:
      • If headcovers are required in your area, you may wear it for the whole shift.
  • Shoe covers:
      • If shoe covers are required in your area, you may wear them for the entire shift.
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Best Practice Notes:

  • Do not go outside of any area wearing full PPE, except for a surgical mask.
  • Wear the appropriate mask for patient care areas. Fabric masks are for individuals who do not perform direct patient care. Washing fabric masks daily is good practice.
  • Do not eat or drink with your PPE on (face shield, mask, gloves, or gown).